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a continuous peregrination through the_____.  Considers the culturally preservative
_____________faculties of manoeuvering _______  margins
Double-ex______ consc____ and resistance to full ______ illuminating without  ____,
This ____ potentially articulates _____
protective benefits of  ______ agency without _________ .
                                   a _____explored by ______  of the Négritude_________ cohorts.

The visibility that is coveted as a certain agency has but the deficiency that it’s definition is devised from the hegemonic status-quo.
We can afford to believe that we diserve an alternative criteria  and that it being formless, illegible, & ____ does not disparage its value...
but protects it. 


We need a new lens, a new____,
a new answerless...,
We can embrace shadow and be just as 
                            - if not more - potent,



Black  Ether

J. Kameron Carter | Sarah Jane Cervenak

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